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Imagine getting rid of the everyday chores? Then why not leaving them in the hands of our professional cleaners in Bexley. Now you can have a rest. We can give you a lot of reasons to do so. Here are some of them:

  • We will personalizes your quote according to your cleaning demands.
  • You can call us at any time – 24 hours , 7 days a week.
  • Furthermore, we can serve you on weekends and Bank holidays.
  • You can also choose from large range of payment methods.
  • At the end of each job, we will give you some tips and advises. Of course we will expect your feedback, too.
  • Although Bexley is a large borough, we can confidently serve the whole area.
  • Leave your worries aside. All our workers have an insurance and required certificates.
  • Equally important are the products that we use. They are 100% safe for the environment and your health.

The Full Range Of Our Cleaning Services:

    Adrenaline Cleaning

  • If you want to get consistent results, then the regular domestic cleaning is your alternative.
  • However we will gladly offer you an one off cleaning. We will apply the same high standards.
  • Carpet cleaning is something that our customers frequently request. You can book it when you have to deal with the unpleasant odours and dirt in your floor coverings.
  • Additionally you can benefit from our upholstery cleaning. This process will extend the life of your favourite furniture.
  • You can call us occasionally for a window cleaning. You will have a brighter home provided that you choose our window washing.
  • You can do the same for your oven. Furthermore, you will lower its the energy consumption.
  • We can also perform an end of tenancy cleaning. In case you want to get your bond back, you can rely on our help.

Without a doubt you will get a discount when you combine more services. Now that you are familiar with our services you can check their prices. After that you can call us and get free quote on 020 3026 2276.

The Task We Complete During Regular Cleaning Sessions

There are many household chores that we can complete. The most common of them are:

Domestic Cleaning Bexley

  • When we arrive in your home we will start dusting every surface. That includes every corner of your living space like over the wardrobe.
  • By your request, we can wash the windows inside and outside.
  • Our customers frequently request us to do their laundry.
  • Among the most popular chores is the dish washing. We will save your efforts, so you can spend your time as you wish.
  • Let us make the bed and change the sheets in your bedroom.
  • We can also scrub the tiles and wipe the mirror in your bathroom. Additionally, we will sweep and mop the floors.

We do everything related to home maintenance, not only the services above. Of course you may book our specialists just for an one off jobs like upholstery cleaning.

More Information About The One Off Cleanings

One Off Cleaning BexleyDealing with household chores is easy when you know how. That is why we train our team members on a regular basis. First we teach them to pay attention to every single detail. With this in mind, they will attend to every spot in your house. Ceiling corners are spiderweb gathering spots, for example. Behind and under your furniture is also an area that our staff will not neglect. Their top priorities are dusting, vacuuming and wiping the floors. In your bathroom they will give no chance to the bacterias. Using organic detergents they will exterminate every grime and germs. The kitchen sanitation is also of great value for your health. Our team will get rid of the expired food and disinfect the cooking area. We provide all our services for the purpose of improving your living environment.

One Of The Most Popular One Off Tasks is The Tenancy Cleaning Procedure

Every landlord in Bexley will ask you for an end of tenancy cleaning when you decide to move out. That is very complex process. Without a doubt you will need a dependable partner. In case you look for such help, you can always rely on our company. Here is how we handle the move out projects:

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Bexley

  • Before our visit, we have to know the number of the rooms in your house. After that we can determine the number of experts we should send over.
  • What is more, this information will help us plan the whole process. In other words, we will point out the top priorities and save time.
  • First of all we will start with the most time-consuming tasks. Such jobs are upholstery and floor vacuuming.
  • All the odd jobs comes next, because we can execute them with less efforts.
  • We will remove the expired food in your refrigerator. Then we will clean it with a proper non-toxic substance.
  • The job ends with an inspection from your side. Whenever you wish, we can repeat the procedure or just some of its aspects. We can perform a re-clean up to 48 hours after our first visit.

How We Process The Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Carpet Cleaning BexleyBefore we come to your home, you can tell us what is the type of your floor covering. Or we can do that as soon as we arrive in your house. When we determine the kind of fabric, we will choose the proper cleaning solutions. We use only high class detergents, that do not contain harsh chemicals. Equally important for the final outcome is the professional equipment that we use. We usually apply two common carpet cleaning techniques. The first one is the hot water extraction method. We use it in case we have to deal with synthetic fibres. The second is the dry cleaning technique. We apply it on organic materials like cotton. Occasionally we can cover your rugs with protective agent. It will keep the effect of our sanitation procedure for a longer time. At the end of our visit, you can inspect the results.

Why Using Professional Carpet Cleaners

  • Your floor covering will have revived colours because of our assistance.
  • We should also mention the time you will save. Usually it takes hours to do this chore by yourself. That is not the case when you use our help.
  • You can say goodbye to the mould forming as well.
  • Furthermore, the accumulated bacteria and germs will disappear. Provided that you will have a healthier living space.
  • Of course, you will have a fresh smelling floor covering.
  • At the end the drying process is fast. After a couple of hours you can enjoy your fresh carpets.

The Furniture Cleaning Service Step by Step

Upholstery Cleaning BexleyOnce our technicians arrive to your house in Bexley they will inspect the upholstery. Then they will start to work and choose a proper cleaning product. What is more, the detergent that they usually apply is organic. Of course they will take in mind the type of fabric they have to sanitise. After they spray the cleaning substance, it is time to soak it up. Our experts use a special hot water extraction machine for that purpose. If there are tough stains, they may apply a dry cleaning method. Alternatively, they can also rely on the steam cleaning technique. The drying process is the final step and it takes only a couple of hours.

More Details About The Window Cleaning Service

Window Cleaning BexleyWhat our workers do first is to determine the type and size of your windows. In order to save time, you can tell them these details in advance. They need such information so they can select the equipment and products for your session. After all the preparations, they will set up the tools that they are going to use. For the most part they remove the stains on the glass with detergents, dry cloth and squeegee. When our experts move outside, the water-fed pole system comes in handy. The key point is that the water pressure easily take away the dirt. If there is something left, the brush on the other side will remove it. Due to our environment safe policy, we use only ionised water.
If you want to get a better price you can combine other service from our portfolio. Learn more by calling us on 020 3026 2276.

How to Clean An Oven Properly

When executing our oven cleaning service, we follow a simple plan. Let us share it with you, so you can apply it whenever the need occurs.

    Oven Cleaning Bexley

  • First we have to test the oven before we start working. Next, we will determine the products we are going to use. At the same time we choose techniques we should apply.
  • Prior to spraying the cleaning agent, we cover the floor with water-proof sheet. Thus will protect it from the grease we are going to collect.
  • Next we will put the removable parts in a tank full with washing substance.
  • Meanwhile, we start to clean inside the oven. We apply a thin layer of foam or eco-friendly liquid. Then we remove the grease and food particles with a soft cloth. We may use special sponges as well.
  • After that we rinse and put back the removable parts.
  • Finally, we polish the front of the appliance. At the end of the process, you can switch the unit on and check the result.

Of course you can call us and save your time and efforts. Our technicians can deal with different types of cookers – ovens, gas and electric stoves, grills, microwaves, refrigerators and extractors. As a result of our efforts, the cooker will work more efficiently. This will significantly reduce your energy bill. Furthermore it will extend the lifespan of the stove.

Without a doubt you will get a discount when you combine more cleaning procedures. Now that you are familiar with our services you can check their prices. After that you can call us and get free quote on 020 3026 2276.